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Small Hole Drill EDM
    YGS Series
    Outstanding Features
   (Tablet PC)
   (Head Moving)
    YGS-43CT (Oil Type)  
    YGS-64C NEW!
   (Submerge type)
   (AEC, AGC)
    YGS Option


Small Hole Drilling Machine - YGS Series

YGS Series small hole drilling machine is developed by YOUGAR own technology. Our R & D (research and development) team research high technology machine every day and always develop new function according to customer¡¯s needs.
  - Yougar machine can drilling 0.1mm precision hole without burr.
  - AEC (Automatic tool change) system will improve production efficiency.
  - 8 axis control kit can control 8 axis include rotary table to drilling various work piece. It is specially used in Aerospace field. YGS series have Manual type (ZNC) machine with CNC machine include head tilting type and submerge type. We YOUGAR have exclusive distributor in USA, Germany, Turkey Japan, Italy, Sweden, UK, China etc, furthermore, supply small hole drilling consumable together for special small hole drilling machine company.

   Automatic Guide Changer Device (AGC)

   AGC : 10 PCS (¨ª0.3 ~ ¨ª3.0)

     - Up to 10pcs pieces of ceramic guide.

     - Drilling capacity from Diameter 0.3 to 3.0mm.

     - Automatically change different size ceramic guide.

   Automatic Electrode Changer Device(AEC)

   AEC : 20 PCS (¨ª0.3 ~ ¨ª3.0)

     - Up to 20 pieces of electrode tube, both brass and copper,
     can be changeable automatically

     - Drilling capacity from diameter 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm.

     - AEC can exchange tubes without coordinates movement.

The feature of ¡°Granite¡±   

- Rare possibility of deformation and easy to use   
in high precision machining.   

- Resistance against corrosion by working liquid   

- The insulator of electric current.

Convenient setting of work-piece by ¡°JIG¡±   

Granite Flat Table

   Internal Water Tank   

   Built-in Water Tank :   

    - Water ION (quantity) checking sensor.   

    - Used water filtering system.   

    - Convenient maintenance. 


It is possible to put the manual   
and Electrode tube.   
Small Hole Drilling Machine

   PC unit

Tablet PC