YGS-64C (With AEC)

Head Moving Type

  • User-friendly & Large 17” Touch screen, SSD Disk offering Faster and stable of Reading speed.
  • Electrode Cutting data storage (E-Pack)
  • Remote Access Service by On-Line, provide the maintenance service & Software Update through the “Team Viewer”
  • Head-Moving Mechanism. Stable & Solid work table, work pieces available up to 500kg.

Machine Specification

YGS Series YGS-64C (Without AEC)
Work Table size (mm) 1,100(width) x 720 (Depth)
X/Y/Z travel (mm) 650 x 400 x 400 x 345
Range of Electrode Diameter Φ0.3~ Φ3.0mm (AEC Model is available to use from 0.3mm – 3.0mm only.)
AEC (Automatic electrode changer) Without AEC
Max. Length of Electrode 400mm
Max. Height of Work Piece 350mm
Max. Weight of Work Piece 500 kg
Machine Net weight 1430 kg
Power Supply Single phase 220V & 50/60HZ
Display Industrial PC, 17” Touch screen & Windows System.
Machine Dimension (mm) 1740 x 1530 x 2100
Installation Dimension (mm) 2496 x 2253 x 2450

Automatic Electrode Changer

  • Electrode Size for Changer: 0.3mm – 3.0mm
  • Number of Electrodes changeable: 20ea
  • AEC equipped with Spindle Head.
  • Minimum Travel Distance.
  • Swift and Precise tool changer.